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Air Warrior Combat Memorial

United States Air Force B-52 Park

With a Bronze Sculpture of

 Brigadier General Robin Olds


To Begin Construction in 2017.

By The USAF Academy Graduating Class of 1971 


Memorial Design



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Robin Olds

Warrior Sculpture

       Attention in the Area:   The Air Warrior Combat Memorial has been approved. Constuction to begin in Summer of 2017. Fund raising has  begun through the USAFA Endowment. Please support this important project and donate now. 



Air Warrior Combat Memorial

USAF Academy


(Music Courtesy the Air Force Band "Air Force Blue" 2:02 min)

AWCM View Looking North



AWCM View Looking East



AWCM View Looking East



AWCM View Looking South



AWCM View Looking North East



Design Progress

The AWCM has been officially approved by the USAFA Superintendent, Lt General Michelle Johnson and the construction project is being managed by the USAFA Facilities office under the direction of the Academy architect.   The Academy has hired Architectural firm of HB&A and Landscape architectural firm Thomas and Thomas to develop and oversee the design and to consult with the with the class gift committee in a manner that best utilizes the site while maintaining the spirit and elements of the initial class concept.  


At present time, 1 February 2017, the 60% design has been completed and we are awaiting the final 90% design within the month.  Once all parties are in agreement, the blueprints will be developed and the Facilities office will solicit construction bids from local construction firms to build the hardscape and landscape.  The final design will also be forwarded to SECAF for final technical approval. We anticipate a bid to be awarded by 1 May 2017 provided adequate funds have been donated.    



Sculptural Components


The Memorial will have two sculptural components: a life size bronze sculpture of General Robin Olds and three 1/6th scale bronze aircraft representing the aircraft Robin Olds flew in aerial combat: the P-51, P-38, and F-4.


Size of the Sculpture:

Due to recently established Academy memorial policy all figure sculpture located at the Academy must be life size.  We have been authorized a sculpture at 6 ft 6 inches tall.  









The approved site is in the B-52 Park located close to the North gate, located several hundred feet to the East of the B-52.  We have been generously granted the entire traffic circle which is 132 feet in diameter and 13,721 square feet of area with the provision that we develop it into an AWCM park which will create an inviting destination and inspirational experience for the visitor. This is the single best location on the Academy for public exposure.  With recent security concerns, much of the base is off limits to the public, even Doolittle hall on occasion. 


The B-52 has long been the sole exhibit at this expansive, beautiful, park like setting.  The AWCM will be the second; and as a memorial, it will provide the centerpiece for the park's new theme of Air Combat.  The AWCM will also serve as a catalyst for more classes to develop the park.  With the new visitors center being developed close by, just outside the North gate, we are convinced that this location will soon become a huge tourist attraction and will create maximum exposure for our memorial.


The B-52 park master plan, developed at the Academy's architect office, will  add other aircraft and memorials. The two aircraft at the "Thunderbird Overlook" by the airfield, which is currently inside the security perimeter,  will soon be relocated to the B-52 park.  Other plans include relocating  the memorial wall from the cemetery to this park. 



Satellite View of Current  Site



Satellite View with Memorial Overlay




Master Plan for B-52 Park Development





Design Overview


General Description of the Memorial:


The AWCM memorial has five components:

·        Hardscape

·        Landscape

·        The Robin Olds bronze Sculpture

·        Brushed Stainless Steel Panels

·        Three scale models cast in bronze of the three aircraft which Robin Olds flew in aerial victories. 


AWCM:  Hardscape component

  • The memorial will be titled the Air Warrior Combat Memorial.

  • Located within a traffic circle with a diameter of 132 feet

  • Composed of a plaza and two sets of architectural concrete walls holding stainless steel panels

  • Interior courtyard

  • benches and planter boxes


AWCM: Landscape component

  • Outside the walls, dense evergreen landscaping to provide for a visual separation between the memorial and traffic and establish enclosure.

  • Borrowed horizon visual elements of mountains and Academy campus

  • Trees inside  and outside of plaza to create a vertical component


AWCM:  Robin Olds Sculpture

·         Located within the plaza will be a 6 ft 6 inch  foot tall bronze sculpture of Robin Olds who represents the spirit of the Air Warrior.

·         For best sunlight illuminating the face, the sculpture will face South.

·         The Olds sculpture will be standing on a pedestal measuring 32 inches tall and 5 feet square at the bottom.  The sides will be beveled at a 30 degree angle.. 

·         The beveled sides of the pedestal will contain bronze plaques honoring Robin Olds and his accomplishments 


AWCM:  Concrete Walls and Stainless Steel Panel Components


Artist conception of Wall and Stainless panels

  • Brushed stainless steel panels measuring 5 ft in height and 10 ft long will be affixed to four concrete walls with heights that vary from 8 to 9 ft 

  • The concrete walls will be oriented in two sets of angled wings, one on the outside of the plaza and one on the interior courtyard.

  • Outer walls

    • The outer set of walls will measure 80 feet long and 50 feet long with a gap in the apex where the sculpture will be located

    • The outer walls will contain stainless steel panels which delineate a etched timeline of major accomplishments in aerial combat.

    • The timeline will begin in 1900 and end in 2017

    • The etched timeline will become blue in 1959 to honor the "Long Blue Line"

    • The break pivot point between the two timeline walls will occur in the year 1971 to honor the class of 1971

  • Inner Courtyard Walls

    • Two concrete walls measuring 41 feet long each will be connected at a pivot point and be located on the East and South side of the interior courtyard

    • The interior walls facing the courtyard will contain stainless steel panels measuring 30 inches tall and 10 feet long

      • The steel panels will contain etched text of inspirational quote

      • The lyrics of the AF Song:

      • The Airman’s creed:

      • The Oath of office:

      • Code of Conduct

    • The Southern most wall on the outside surface will contain large individual letters with the name of the memorial

    • A large cut aluminum air Force Chevron will also be affixed beside the memorial name

    • On the outside East of the courtyard wall will be provisions for dedication and donor recognition


AWCM:  Aircraft component

·        Three stainless steel poles will hold three bronze scale model aircraft representing the three aircraft Robin Olds flew in aerial combat victories.

·        The three aircraft will be grouped in a tight formation located directly behind the Olds statue

·        Three plaques located on the center pedestal will describe each aircraft and detail the aerial victories by Robin Olds.  

·        The aircraft are the P-51, P-38, and F-4 C/D (Note graphic uses a F-4 E)

·        The aircraft will be all created in the same scale of 1/6 which will make them the following lengths:

o       P-51: 5.3 ft.

o       P-38: 6.3 ft.

o       F-4: 10.5 ft.

·        The 1/6 scale is optimal, too large they would overpower the statue, too small they will look insignificant like toys. 

·        The aircraft will be mounted flying in level flight with wings banked in a 45 degree as if rolling in on the memorial for a low pass. 

·        The lowest wing will be 7 feet from the ground

·        These aircraft will add a degree of continuity to the B-52 airpark as well as provide a history lesson on the advances in air combat and how far we have come since WW2 in aircraft design. 

·        It will also dramatically demonstrate how small the WW2 aircraft really were and give the viewer a new appreciation of what those past warriors faced. 


 Memorial Purpose: 

To honor the first 100 years of Aerial Combat with a timeline denoting major milestones

To honor Robin Olds and his contributions to Air Combat as a prime example of the warrior ethos.

To inspire a spirit of the “Warrior Ethos” in all Academy graduates and cadets whatever their mission.

To reinforce the primary mission of the USAF--“To Fly, Fight, and Win.”

To generate a feeling of “Pride” in being an AF officer and warrior.

To promote “Patriotism” and “Esprit De Corps.”

To honor our shared “Warrior Heritage.

To connect with the past and the contributions of previous generation of warriors.  





Class of 1971 Support:
During our 40th reunion, we conducted a class meeting to discuss a class gift concept.  Two presentations were made for a monetary gift to the CCLD construction and for a sculptural monument centered around Robin Olds. 125 classmates attended the meeting and the vote to support both projects as a dual gift was 100%. 



Graduate Wide Support:

Eventually, the project developed into the AWCM and Robin Olds became the representative who best represented the warrior ethos.  During our campaign to locate the AWCM on the AOG Heritage Trail, we publicized our effort via a class website. As a result, we received strong support for both the AWCM design and for including Robin Olds, not only from the Class of 1971, but from hundreds of grads from other classes, as well as non-graduates.   Many were offering donations.  Approval rating ran at 90% for the hundreds of emails received by our committee and the AOG Board of Directors. Most opposing views were limited to the issue of reserving the Heritage Trail for USAFA graduates.



AOG Board of Directors Support:

In acknowledgement of the graduate mandate, on December 10th 2013 the AOG BOD passed a resolution to support the Class of ’71 and their AWCM design, with Robin Olds, using all the resources available to the AOG, at a “more visible” location on the Academy other than the Heritage Trail, which is reserved solely for USAFA graduates. 




Robin Olds is well respected by a vast majority of USAFA graduates and Air Force personnel both active duty and retired.  The synergistic effect of designing the AWCM and honoring Robin Olds, has struck a responsive chord within the graduate community and created a groundswell of enthusiasm. We expect the funding for the AWCM to proceed rapidly. Many pledges, both individual and keystone, have already been identified.      



A detailed description of the "Air Warrior" Sculpture is located at this menu selection "Warrior Sculpture"


A  Pledge of support may be made at this Menu selection "Pledge / Contact"


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First published to Web on 7 November 2012

Copyright USAFA class of 1971


Memorial Design



Press Release

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Robin Olds

Warrior Sculpture